Samuel C. Andrew

I am currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the CSIRO as part of the Environomics Future Science Platform.
My project explores local adaptation in Australian plants.


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Current research

2018 - present
After finishing my PhD I started working with plant trait data (e.g. leaf size) collected from thousands of species, as part of the Austraits project with Rachael Gallagher (Macquarie Uni). My contribution involved mapping how traits varied across climates. This also introduced me to species distribution modelling to predict species ranges. Both of these topics link back to local adaptation and the need for better methods for predicting if species can adapt to a wider range of conditions than what they currently occupy. Species may occupy narrow climate ranges but still posses the genomic and phenotypic variation to be successful in a wider range of climate conditions.
My CSIRO postdoctoral fellowship as part of the Environomics Future Science Platform aims to look at how morphological traits, genomic variation and the magnitude of the stress response to extreme temperatures, can be used to explain where species live. Ultimately, we hope to use general trends across species to predict suitable climate ranges for species. Being able to identify at risk species will make targeted conservation management possible, to help preserve these species and the plant communities that provide valuable and essential ecosystem services.

PhD project

2013 - 2017
For my PhD I started working in the field of population and evolutionary genetics. My project focused on the introduction of the house sparrow to Australian environments. The project covered many aspects of this species biology including: introduction history, developmental plasticity in body size, population structure and local adaptation.
This research was part of the Griffith Lab.

Undergrad research

In 2012 I completed my honours thesis with Dr Darrell Kemp at Macquarie University. My project was on the heritability and plasticity of the cold tolerance trait in a broadly distributed Australian butterfly (Eurema smilax).

During my Bachelor Degree at Macquarie University I volunteered to work in the Neuroetholgy lab of Dr Andrew Barron. I worked on an experiment relating to discriminative learning and the peak shift learning bias using the honey bee as a model. This project led to my first publication.

More about Me

Awards and Grants

  • Endeavour Fellowship, for a 6 month postdoc at the University of Helsinki with Craig Primmer's group.
  • Young Investigators Travel Award for the Society of Molecular Biology and Evolution Conference 2016.
  • Macquarie University PGRF travel grant with vice chancellors commendation.
  • MQRES scholarship for PhD candidature (no. 2013077).


Through my main sport of kayaking I have been able to travel and make video's about my trips to be shared. See them on my Vimeo page.

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